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Welcome to something that I'm in need of your help with, as stupid as it maybe.

Okay so I'm just gonna go straight into it, this is the problem I'm having:

To start of for people who don't know, I was having an off few weeks, because I wasn't my usual self. So I decided to use that time to help me understand the whole Fantasy Race Category-thing, since I like making things more easy to understand (for me and for others). It also helps me think of new ideas as well as something for me to use sometime down the line, whenever I have the chance... because you never know when you might need something like this.

As I was starting to put down the different race categories on paper (i.e. Humans, Elves, Orcs etc.) I realised that some don't delve into just one race, but instead are more into an ability or quirk races (like Werewolves or the many different beast in folklore.) So I then thought, "Okay, if there not really there own race, but instead a subspecies-race, I'll just make a category of subspecies side list instead." This is where I start to lose my mind as I go further and further down this rabbit hole.

So I did a list to help me with these suborders, (i.e. Humanoids, Shape-Shifters, Spirits, Undead, Beasts, Hybrids etc.) I thought this would help make things easy... but it just made it worse.

So Werewolves are Shapeshifters, however they were human... so does that mean I need to put them in the human-race category? But some don't even shapeshift, so does this also make them a hybrid/humanoid (since 'were' is in the name)? The same with Vampires, you could say that the vampire is a race in itself, however you then factor in that some vampires can shapeshift, and since they're undead do they need to fall into that category as well?
Elfs, Orcs, Halflings are Humanoids, makes sense, however some elfs are spirits of the woods/waters etc. so does that mean I have to put them into the Spirit/Elemental sub-race?
What about those who delve into magic (Wizard and Witches)? Do I put them in as Human, Humanoids or as their own race entirely? What about Harpies, Nagas, Nekos etc. are they humanoids, beasts or hybrids?

This is what I need your help with (as stupid as it may be for some people out there... or as stupid as I am.) I just need to get this problem solved before I lose my mind on it.
If you know an answer, know someone or a site that might help, or you're just as confused as I am and would like to know the answers too, then leave a comment.

Please help this stupid idiot on the internet who should have better things to do with his time, out. Even if it's just a comment saying I'm thinking too much into it and I need to chill, will help, anything at all really. Just to put this brain of my at ease. -n-

Thanks for reading my ramble, and thanks to anyone who leaves a comment.

Sincerely from a crazy person,

P.S. This is not a joke, I'm serious... Even if I wish I was joking -_-'


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Names CM.

I like Anime, Movies, Games, but most of all I love to draw when I can!

Everything work related of mine will be posted here!

Also if it every seems like I'm not posting much for awhile, it's mostly to do with my lake of ideas to draw/post online or other means. So sorry in advance if things are slow. XP

I also have a PATREON PAGE
for anyone who wants to help me out, as well as seeing things I'm working on that won't be posted yet or maybe not at all!

Anyway, thank you for checking out my DA page, and if you like what you see, give me a follow!
Thank you!


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